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Psycho- Educational Assessment

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These assessments are an important measurement tool used to assist children and their parents when a child may be struggling at school and performing below what they may be capable of. The benefit of this assessment, is to provide a holistic understanding of your child.

The assessment will give insight into your child’s current cognitive abilities, evaluate their reading age, spelling age, reading comprehension age as well as mathematical age in comparison to their chronological age. This will provide a guide to your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and where support may be required. The emotional component will provide insight into any emotional difficulties that may be influencing the child’s performance.

The assessment report offers a comprehensive understanding of your child, as well as how to remediate or further enrich your child to meet their full potential. Recommendations will be given to the child, parents and school in order to work systemically at the best interest of the child.

The assessment looks at the following domains of functioning:
• Cognitive functioning
• Educational functioning
• Emotional functioning
• Concentration
• Dyslexia Screening